23 January, 2014

The Philosopher had knowledge his wife had wisdom

This is a true story.

A rebel who was also a reformer, challenged the philosopher to a debate the one who would be defeated would leave the society for good.

The debate went on for 15 days and ultimately the philosopher accepted defeat.

The philosopher’s wife then challenged the reformer. Now she was face to face with the person who could answer all, the person who no one could defeat.

She did not ask him any question from philosophy or Vedas or any high level study.

She asked him a simple question on sexual union between man and woman, a subject which the reformer could not answer since he was an ascetic.

Having known her opponent to be a renunciate she put the right question for the right opponent; for she was a woman of wisdom who analyzed her opponent well………the story goes on.

In this true story the rebel, the reformer happens to be Adi Shankaracharya, the philosopher Maṇḍana Miśra and his wife Ubhaya Bhāratī.

I have always believed that women have more mental strength than men.

Adi Shankaracharya rebelled against the brahmin lobby (self-appointed custodians of religion) and challenged all, he travelled Indiawide establishing monasteries and reestablishing ancient temples and propagating his philosophy through discourses and debates with other thinkers.

In my other articles I have written why he started the tradition of the char dham yatra and gave the science of the eternal flame to the Badrinath temple (a flame which keeps on burning)

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Reason behind the Char Dham Yatra


Akhand Jyoti (eternal flame) at the Badrinath temple 

Where women are worshiped, there the gods dwell. ………Rig Veda.



15 January, 2014

Supercomputer takes 40 minutes to calculate a single second of human brain activity

On 13th Jan 2014 Scientists in Japan simulated one per cent of the neuronal network in the brain using the K computer, the fourth most powerful supercomputer in the world.

With 705,024 processor cores and 1.4 million GB of RAM at its disposal, the K computer took 40 minutes to model the data in a project designed to test the ability of the supercomputer and gauge the limits of brain simulation.

The project saw teams from the Japanese research group RIKEN and the German Forschungszentrum Jülich centre collaborate to use the Neural Simulation Technology tool, replicating a network of 1.73 billion nerve cells and 10.4 trillion synapses.

my only question 

Who designed our brain?

And it is up to us how we make use of this miracle; by having a beautiful mind or.............




11 January, 2014

Learning from the ants

I also write at a spiritual forum and Of late I was a bit troubled by a few things happening there like front page articles of money minded Gurus etc.

The more I kept on thinking about it the more faults came to my mind.

I always live in self-reflection and I thought to myself; why don’t I become like an ant.

The ant has one very good quality if a mixture of sugar and sand is placed before the ant it will eat only the sugar without bothering about the sand. So I decided to become the ant only absorbing what benefits my progress without bothering about the other things.

Another example is that of a ship, the ship cannot navigate without water but if the same water is allowed to enter the ship than it will result in a big problem and in extreme cases the ship itself would be lost.

Similarly comparing me to the ship and the water as the material world it is would be a disaster if I allow the material world to enter inside me.

What was a “means of living” will become a “means of destruction”.

Lyrics of the title song of Tv serial Mahabharata on star plus

“Hai katha sangram ki

Vishwa ke kalyaan ki

Dharma adharma aadi anant

Satya  asatya kalesh kalnak

Saarth ki katha parmartha ki

Shakti hain bhakti hai

Janmo ki mukti hai

Jeevan ka ye sampurn sar hai

Yug yug se kan kan me

Shristi ke darpan me

Vedo ki ghata aphar he

Karmo ki ghata he

Devo ki bhasha he

Sadiyo ke ithas ka praman hai

Krishana ki mahima hain

Geeta ki garima hain

Grantho ka granth ye mahan hain

Mahabharat mahabharat..”